Our consults are usually 20 minutes long but we are happy to spend as much time as required to provide you and your pet with a thorough and personalised service. We will discuss the diagnostic and treatment options fully so that you can make an educated decision on what is best for your pet.

We see all animals large or small this includes equine, exotics, reptiles and fish! We provide consultations for illness, routine health checks, vaccinations, senior care, behaviour concerns and much more. Our team of vets and nurses will help you with any veterinary help and advice that you may require.

We will come to you, so if you having trouble getting in to see us, give us a call and we will come and see you! We also provide a 24 hour emergency service every day of the year so that you can have peace of mind that someone will always be here to help.

Preventative Health Care

At Sugarland Vet Clinic we believe “Prevention is the best cure”. In our consultations we will tailor an individual health program for your pet depending on their age, breed, weight, etc.

Pets, like us, have a higher likelihood of certain illnesses at different ages. There are certain tests, such as blood or urine tests that will be recommended for specific age groups which will allow us to recognise any health problems much earlier. The early recognition of health problems will ensure that your pet’s health is optimised. Through early detection and implementation of preventative health strategies we aim for an extended, happier life for your pet.

Surgery and Anaesthesia

Our modern anaesthetic machine is equipped with ‘isoflurane’, a safe anaesthetic agent that provides faster recovery for your pet. Patient monitors are used to measure your pets’ heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, ECG and temperature. A trained vet nurse also monitors your pet throughout the surgery. We have a state of the art heated surgical table to ensure your pets’ body temperature is maintained. Pain management and comfort is of high importance to us when your pet is in our care. We provide pain relief before, during and after surgery and can send pets home with an effective pain management plan.

We can perform orthopaedic, reproductive, cosmetic/reconstructive and soft tissue surgeries.

We are committed to providing a quality service by keeping our vets and nurses up to date with the latest veterinary knowledge and skills, by attending courses and conferences regularly.

Referral to Specialists

Full referral service to veterinary specialists is available if this is in the best interest of your pet. We commonly refer cases that require special diagnostic tests or a specialist opinion. We can refer eye, skin, behaviour, medical, dental and surgical cases. If you think your pet requires a referral, please speak to your veterinarian.

X – Ray and Ultrasound

Our clinic is fully equipped to take diagnostic radiographs and with our new State of the art Digital X-ray system we can get results instantly to assess your pets’ condition. We also have an ultrasound machine to aid in the diagnosis of abdominal diseases and predict pregnancy.

In House Pathology

We do have an IDEXX biochemistry and haematology machine within our clinic. This allows us to perform routine blood tests in house when appropriate. We also examine smears, swabs and needle aspirates using our microscope. We culture hair and skin to diagnose dermatophyte (Ringworm) infections.

Laboratory Test

We use an external laboratory for some tests we cannot perform in hospital or when we would like a pathologist to examine the red and white blood cells. Most routine blood results are available within 24 hours, except on weekends. Biopsy results may take several days to come back. Your Veterinarian will call you with the results as soon as possible.

Hospital Care

We have separate cat and dog wards to reduce your pets stress and provide a comfortable environment while they are in our care. These wards are air conditioned and have roomy cages with comfy bedding. Our whole team works together to provide the best care possible for hospitalised patients, this includes acting according to your instructions and to keep you informed as to their progress. Intravenous fluids are administered via infusion pumps which enable us to accurately provide your pets’ fluid requirements.


Caring for your pets’ teeth is important for their wellbeing. Most pets will have some form of dental problem in their lifetime. Regular preventative care and examination at the time of vaccination will reduce the incidence of dental plaque, calculus and gingivitis. Proper diet, bones and dental hygiene with special toothpaste and brush is necessary. Some diseases of teeth and gums will require more frequent check-ups.
Routine scaling of your pets’ teeth will help prevent bad breath, reduce the risk of tooth loss and heart, kidney or liver damage later in life. We have an ultrasonic scaler and polisher in which we can clean your pet’s teeth and investigate the health of your pet’s teeth in detail.

Equine Services and Large Animals

Dr Mike loves getting out and about to visit horses! He is happy to provide dentistry, lameness examinations, general health checks, emergency services and any advice needed. We are also able to provide services for pigs, cattle, sheep, alpacas etc.

Reptiles and Exotic Animals

Dr Mike and Dr Rob are big fans of reptilious creatures! They think it’s great when people bring their pythons and lizards to see us. We also love to see rats, mice, birds and any other exotic pets to see us. We provide general health checks and advice, can clip bird’s wings or beaks, desex rats and guinea pigs and are able to offer surgical and emergency services for all exotics.


Fish become ill like any other animal, and can most certainly be treated. Depending on the nature of the problem, there are a myriad of solutions available. Dr Rob has many years of experience treating fish and other aquatic animals, in addition to designing and maintaining aquatic systems. He is all too happy to help with disease problems or advise on aquarium design. Add a veterinary arsenal to your aquatic animal health management, and consult a veterinarian that is familiar with fish.

Wide Range of Pet Accessories & Health Products

Please come and see our exciting new range of products in our Pet Shop Boutique, something different for everyone! We provide a wide range of products suitable to various species, from your biggest dog to your smallest exotic pet!

Professional Grooming and Hydrobath

At Sugarland Vet Clinic, our experienced groomer provides a complete grooming service. Many tasks are performed here including nail trims, ear cleaning, haircuts (professionally styled upon request), and warm baths. We use a hydrobath, so heated water and a ramp to access are all a part of animal health care.


We do welcome boarding for cats and small dogs for small durations all year round. This can be very helpful for those with medication requirements, as we have a nurse available to administer medication.

Puppy Pre-School

We have a comprehensive puppy training and socialisation program that is run in the clinic. This school teaches you how to train your puppies to follow four basic obedience commands (Come, Sit, Stay and Drop) and also covers many health and behavioural issues that are often problems in young puppies (such as mouthing, biting, barking and digging).

Classes are held once a fortnight on a Thursday evening. Puppies learn that the vet is a great place to meet new friends and play with others. Our graduates are usually eager to come back into the clinic for their routine check-ups and will drag their owners in the front door to say “hello” to the staff.

Contact the clinic if you are interested in joining our next class, we do keep our numbers low for our classes to be personalised.